Fire Code Testing

Fire Code Testing

For commercial textile applications local jurisdictions often require that fabric and woven materials meet fire codes to prevent fire and explosion hazards. Fire code requirements vary by region. Contact your local fire marshal to determine what fire code your fabric is required to meet. When unspecified, we treat drapery fabrics to meet NFPA 701 Small Scale and upholstery fabrics to meet NFPA 260. These are the most commonly specified and most universally accepted tests for drapery and upholstery fabrics.

SBI Standard Fire Code Tests
Drapery Fabrics

NFPA 701 Small Scale: Measures the resistance to ignition of a material (usually draperies or hospital cubical curtains) when subjected to a very severe flame exposure while the material is held in a slightly restrained vertical position.

Upholstery fabrics

NFPA 260: Classifies upholstery fabric based on its propensity to resist cigarette ignition when tested in combination with a standard foam cushioning material.

Other Fire Code Tests

We can test many other fire codes, a few of which are listed below. With few exceptions, these tests are complimentary if your fabric has been treated with SBI Flame Retardant. Click here to request pricing information for other fabrics. Please call or email us if you have a question about a specific test, as we are not limited to this list.

UFAC Class 1
NFPA 701 Small or Large Scale (1989, 1996, 1999, or 2004)
State of Massachusetts 527 CMR 21.00
City of Boston BFD IX-I
MVSS 302
California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E
California Title 19
FAR 25.853 (Vertical or Horizontal)
ASTM E 84 Tunnel Test
British Standard 5852
NY/NJ Port Authority
A roll of your fabric
Flame retardant used to treat your fabric
We conduct burn tests to ensure your fabric meets specified fire codes
We will issue an SBI Certificate of Flame Retardancy upon passing the test