Moisture Barrier Backing

Moisture Barrier Backing

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SBI Moisture Barrier Backing

This clear, flexible, vinyl backing prevents moisture or everyday spills from passing through your fabric. It is especially beneficial for upholstery fabrics as it protects the cushion underneath the fabric prolonging the life of your furniture. It adds stability to your fabric, helps prevent seam slippage, and generally improves the fabric’s workability. This is an ideal finish for heath care facilities as it helps maintain a clean and sanitary environment.

Processing Time: 2-4 weeks

About the Finish

SBI Moisture Barrier Backing is a process in which a clear vinyl film is laminated to the back of your fabric. This finish prevents moisture from passing through fabric and increases its resiliency and stability.

  • Durable finish widely used in health care facilities
  • Recommended to be used in conjunction with:
  • Allow 3-5% (1/2 yard minimum) extra fabric due to possible shrinkage and small work loss


  • Your fabric will be visually evaluated prior to treatment to determine finish compatibility
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  1. Our Fabric: We have FREE Treated Samples of our own fabric available so you can experience the look and feel of SBI Moisture Barrier Backing.
  2. Your Fabric: The best way to know how your fabric will respond to SBI Moisture Barrier Backing is to send us a small sample to have treated prior to your full order. Call or email us for more details.