Special Services

Special Services

These are just a few of the Special Services we offer. If you have a specific request please call or email, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Request pricing information for these services here.

Fabric Inspection
Upon request, we will inspect your fabric prior to treatment. We perform a very thorough examination of your fabric, record any significant flaws, and determine its general condition. Upon completion, we prepare a detailed report of our findings. If a mis-weave, bias issue, or damage is found, we will include pictures in the report.

Trim, Fringe and Tassels
We offer the following finishes for Trim, Fringe and Tassels:

This service is offered if you would like your fabric measured, cut, or re-rolled.

A process in which we permanently bond your fabric to foam (of your specified density and width), another fabric, or other material.

If your fabric has already been finished with flame retardant, we can test it to ensure it meets flammability standards. Once it passes the applicable code, we will provide you with a SBI Certificate of Flame Retardancy. Click here to find the list of fire codes we certify.

Fabric Storage
We have facilities available, should you need your fabric stored.

If you have a specific fabric finishing need, we encourage you to share it with us, as we are not limited to only the services listed on our Services page.  No matter if your situation involves one yard or tens of thousands, we will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

SBI offers fabric cutting services
SBI treats trim, fringe, and tassels
SBI has many other services
SBI can do custom finishes