Vinyl Lamination

Vinyl Lamination

  • Vinyl Lamination on fabric

  • Laminated fabric

SBI Vinyl Lamination

Our clear, flexible lamination offers your fabric the maximum protection against any type of stain. It allows liquids to literally roll off its surface; making quick and easy cleanup for everyday spills. It is ideal in any environment that requires durable fabric that can be cleaned easily with mild detergent and a clean, damp cloth.

Processing Time: 6-8 weeks

About the Finish

SBI Vinyl Lamination is a clear vinyl film that is adhered to the face of your fabric to improve wear and provide long-lasting stain protection. It is tested for up to 50,000 cycles of abrasion.

  • Vinyl is fire resistant and can be laminated to fabric that has been treated with SBI Flame Retardant
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Available for widths from 45 to 58 inches
  • Allow 5% (1 yard minimum) extra fabric due to possible shrinkage and small work loss


  • Your fabric will be visually evaluated prior to treatment to determine finish compatibility
  • Request Pricing Information here


  1. Our Fabric: We have FREE Treated Samples of our own fabric available so you can experience the look and feel of SBI Vinyl Lamination.
  2. Your Fabric: The best way to know how your fabric will respond to SBI Vinyl Lamination is to send us a small sample to have treated prior to your full order. Call or email us for more details.