Water Resistance

Water Resistance

  • Water Resistant Fabric

  • Water Resistant Fabric

SBI Water Resistance

This coating provides your fabric with long lasting protection against water and water-based stains. It will enhance the performance of all fabrics, including fabrics used in outdoor applications.

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Processing Time: 5-7 business days

About the Finish

SBI Water Resistance¬†is a water repellent chemical formula designed to permeate the front, back and internal fibers of your fabric. It increases your fabric’s ability to resist water and water-based stains.

  • Durable to repeated commercial cleanings
  • Allow 3-5% (1/2 yard minimum) extra fabric due to possible shrinkage and small work loss


  • Your fabric will be visually evaluated prior to treatment to determine finish compatibility
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  1. Our Fabric: We have FREE Treated Samples of our own fabric available so you can experience the look and feel of SBI Water Resistance.
  2. Your Fabric: The best way to know how your fabric will respond to SBI Water Resistance is to send us a small sample to have treated prior to your full order. Call or email us for more details.